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Welcome to Reactor

Reactor Multi-Hub (sometimes called MSR for "Multi-System Reactor") is an integrated automation platform for multiple home automation systems (hubs). It allows you to develop automations that respond to and control devices across multiple home automation controllers and platforms. For example, you could have a motion sensor on a Hubitat controller used as a trigger for set of lights, some of which are connected through a VeraPlus and some through Home Assistant.

  • GUI-based rule creation with boolean (AND, OR, XOR, NOT) logic elements for "code-less" automation;
  • Super-fast logic evaluation and response action initiation;
  • Supports multiple HA platforms/hubs (currently Vera, Home Assistant, Hubitat, MQTT, eZLO, and ZWave-JS with more planned);
  • Rules and reactions work seamlessly across controllers;
  • Built-in continuous export of device data to InfluxDB (for archiving and visualization);
  • Lightweight hardware requirements and easy to install — runs on Raspberry Pi 3B+/4, Synology and QNAP NAS systems (with x86_64/amd64 CPU architecture), popular Linux and FreeBSD distributions, MacOS, and Windows. Most users already have a compatible system in their network.

"When using MSR mixing entities from different controllers feels natural." — User Comment1

The purpose of Reactor is not to supplant the native rule engines of each platform, but rather offer increased flexibility in the choice of devices by allowing you to have a device operate on the platform that best supports it. Almost every home automation controller/hub today has an impressive list of supported devices, though none of them is complete, and none of them perfectly supports every function, and if there is ever a time when both of conditions are met at the same time, it's almost guaranteed to be a fleeting moment, as the availability of devices is constantly changing. Even firmware updates on some platforms can make doorstops out of previously-working devices, at least temporarily.

Work in Progress!

This documentation is under construction and subject to perpetual improvement. Please report errors and omissions in the Reactor category of the Smarthome Community forum.

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Updated: 2024-Apr-21