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Starting at Boot

If you are using Docker, the recommended startup command includes the --restart on-failure option, which is sufficient to have Docker restart the container at boot time and any time the executable exits with an error. This should be sufficient on its own. If you are using docker-compose, the restart policy is included in the recommended compose file. See the Installation section for the startup command and reference compose file.

Linux users using the "bare metal" install method will need to know whether their host system supports systemd or init-scripts. The former is pretty much ubiquitous these days, and the default on most distributions. If you're not sure, try doing ps -p 1.

For systemd

If your system uses systemd, you can copy-pasta and modify the reference service file. Pay special attention to the User, WorkingDirectory and ExecStart values. For ExecStart, make sure the path to your nodejs executable (i.e. node) is correct.


If you're using a Raspberry Pi running Raspian Buster, the install script tools/ can be run any time to give you the option of installing Reactor under systemd without hand-editing any system configuration files.

Description=Multi System Reactor

ExecStart=/home/pi/.local/lib/nodejs/node-v14.15.4-linux-armv7l/bin/node app -p


For Upstart

Please contribute a recipe!

For rc/init:


For Windows:

See the Windows bare-metal install instructions for instructions on running Reactor as a Window service.

Updated: 2021-Oct-13