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Support & Suggestions


Documentation for Reactor can always be found at the "Manual" link in the Reactor UI. There is also an online version, but be aware that the online version is for the current development version of Reactor and may describe features or functions that differ from your installed version. The "Manual" link in your UI is the best (most applicable) resource when accessible.


RTFM. If you don't know what that means, Google it.

Community Support

Multi-System Reactor is currently supported through the Smart Home Community. Join the discussion today!

Posting guidelines apply to requests for help and problem reports on the forums. Please read these guidelines before posting. Posts that do not meet the minimum standards may result in a delayed response, and in some cases, post removal.

No Email Support

At this time, I offer support exclusively through the SmartHome Community linked above. I do not offer direct email support. Community-based support has multiple benefits over person-to-person email, not the least of which include reaching multiple people who may have similar questions, and creating a publicly accessible, searchable catalog of solutions to the most common questions.

Bug Trackers

Authorized users and testers may receive access to the Mantis Bug Tracker for the project. Contact toggledbits via the above forums (direct/private message) if you would like to be considered for a Mantis account.

The guidelines for posting PRs on Mantis are the same as the posting guidelines for forum reports/questions, so please make you read the guidelines and that your PRs follow them.

Updated: 2022-Apr-12