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Run Reaction Action

The Run Reaction action allows you to run another reaction (rule-based or global); this is analogous to a "subroutine" in many programming languages.


If you run a rule-based reaction, and that reaction contains groups with constraints, the contraints are not re-evaluated in that instant, but rather the previous state of the group's constraints as of the last time the rule was evaluated as a whole is used. For this reason, running rule-based reactions that contain constraint groups is not recommended. In fact, although Reactor lets you do it, having a global reaction run a rule-based reaction, or a rule-based reaction run another rule's reaction, is considered dangerous and bad form by the author. Ultimately it will make your logic and reactions more difficult to follow and maintain, so I advise only using this action to run global reactions. I've given you rope, but don't hang yourself with it.

See also: Stop Reaction Action

Updated: 2021-Jun-12