How To: Serve Media Files from Reactor

Reactor's built-in HTTP (web) server, which publishes the Reactor UI, can also be used to store and publish media files, such as images and audio. This is often useful, for example, to make simple reactions to play prerecorded audio over Sonos zone players, or show slide shows or other content on TVs. By using Reactor's build-in web server, you don't need to set up another web server (like Apache or nginx) somewhere.

Any file placed in the usermedia subfolder of your config directory will be available at the following URL:



If your usermedia subdirectory does not exist (within the config directory), you can create it, but you will need to restart Reactor in order for it to start publishing the content there. Also, make sure the user under which Reactor runs has sufficient access to be able to traverse into the subdirectory and read its files.

Updated: 2022-Mar-25